22 Apr 2017

'52 DLX on hydraulics

Not sure if I had the balls to modify my Barndoor deluxe like this, if I had one. Crazy amount of work went into this one, can't wait to see the final result! Read the full story in the SSVC forums.

30 Mar 2017

BD DLX 23w

Whenever you think you've seen them all somebody opens a garage somewhere just to pull out another stunning Barndoor Deluxe project. Follow the build on theSamba.

6 Mar 2017

200+ km/h in a Samba?

Someone in Germany obviously just finished a rather fast deluxe! Read about it here.

26 Feb 2017

Double Cab

Spotted during the Carnival parade in Braunschweig today!

18 Feb 2017


Received the pics from the fotoshooting today. These are my favourite ones. Many thanks Ansgar and "Speedition"!

15 Feb 2017

The Vans History

There are a couple of things mentioned in the VW Speed article but not shown in the magazine. For those of you who found this site via the article here comes a short flick through my pics archive. You can find lots more bus build pics in old posts on this blog.
Shiny pics from France

No need for major work?

No need to worry from the outside...

...and the hidden view after I removed the interior.

Professionally welded front beam.

This was the point where I thought about selling the project!

Steel ropes within hard plastic. WTF???

Finally in primer!

My 3D Model I used for designing the interior.
The plywood construction under the panels

The mentioned subwoofer within the side cabinet.

No, not a table, another side cabinet!
The current look.

10 Feb 2017

VW Speed feature

Just received the latest issue of VW Speed and do like it! They even added a wallpaper of my bus. Thanks Ansgar for pics and text! Will be available in the shops within a few days. Won't upload the  article as long as the issue is available in the shops, so you better go and buy your own copy :)

31 Jan 2017

VW Speed 02/17

My bus will be featured in the upcoming issue of VW Speed. Pics were taken last summer, looking forward to seeing the result!

25 Jan 2017

Bagged Double Cab Deluxe

Another crazy creation in the werks in Houston! Check Prestons PhotoBucket for more.